Revitalise your body with a detox

Revitalise your body with a detox

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It's possible to reclaim your health any time, but it can be extra challenging especially after you've had a little too much of your favourite food. While going on a diet is a solution that works for most, detox drinks can sometimes be the perfect remedy.

Since there is no way to protect yourself from the number of toxins in your environment, your body has to detoxify itself around the clock; and what you can do is to help your body better perform these processes by regularly cleansing your body, or even going for a detox. 

Detox is generally a short-term dietary intervention that is designed to eliminate toxins from your body. A typical detox involves a period of fasting before following a strict diet of fruits, vegetables, and water. Some detox methods also include detox drinks such as tea and specially formulated juices.

Aside from promoting toxin elimination, some other benefits of detox include: 

  • Improving circulation 
  • Stimulates your liver to remove toxins
  • Detox diets also provide your body with healthy nutrients that it needs
  • Reducing lethargy, thus allowing you to feel more energetic

Detox can also help with other health problems such as weight issues, inflammation, bloating, and also fatigue. 

If you often feel lethargic from lack of sleep or have low energy levels to hit the gym and carry out your everyday activities, then it’s time to revitalise your overall well-being with a detox . Here are three tips to help you ease into a healthier eating plan to detox your body without starving. 

Girl and Tips to detox your body

1. Eating clean

Eat your food as it is. This means choosing whole, unprocessed foods, and also ditching food with additives as well as preservatives. Instead, choose foods that provide maximum nutritional benefits to your body. 

Foods like fruits and vegetables are loaded with lots of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to protect your cells from damage. While fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal for clean eating, choosing organic produce can help you take your detox a step further by reducing potential pesticide exposure. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet by drinking more juices and making salads out of this fresh produce. 

2. Cut down on your meat consumption

Cut down on meat consumption in your diet or detox plan as it will help you lose weight faster and improve your overall health. Generally, people who consume more plant-based products and foods, take in lesser calories and have lower cholesterol levels. Since it’s difficult to cut back immediately on meat consumption, you can always try making simple swaps to your diet by substituting meat with tofu in your dishes.

3. Get hydrated

Still the healthiest and most natural beverage on the planet, water has no additives, sugars, and artificial sweeteners. It is the cleanest beverage to drink especially when you are on a detox cleanse. Drinking at least eight glasses of water or two litres per day keeps you hydrated whilst allowing you to achieve a healthy weight. On the other hand, unsweetened coffee or detox tea for that boost of caffeine are also ideal substitutes for your usual sweetened cuppa. 

Though moderate intakes of certain types of alcohol such as wine are known to boost your heart health, frequent alcohol consumption promotes inflammation and even contributes to health problems like liver disease and excess belly fat. Thus, when going on a detox, it is best to limit alcohol consumption.

Detox Drinks

Besides eating clean, you can also try incorporating detox drinks such as detox teas. These beverages aim to reduce bloatedness and improve digestion. In addition, detox teas like Cheryl W’s Cleanse Clean D drink are formulated with potent ingredients such as plum powder, senna tea, and honey powder to aid the body’s digestive system by flushing down oils, fats, and carbs for a more refreshed and lighter you the next morning. 

Formulated to allow your body to absorb better the nutrients you eat, the all-new and improved Clean D Drink is also carefully formulated with dragonfruit and red bean which help to reduce water retention by inducing urination. It also contains green tea which helps with bloating and aiding digestion to promote healthier bowel movements. 

In conclusion

Detoxing should not be about quick fixes to encourage weight loss. Instead, it should be a journey or a gradual process to help you bring out your beauty from within to achieve your best self. From speeding up metabolism, boosting the radiance of your skin, and removing toxins and impurities with our 123 Body Detox Treatment to improving circulation and increasing energy levels with Lymphatic Drainage Tripolar Treatment, we have come up with a range of detox treatments to complement your cleanse. 

More importantly, you should always listen to your body. Going on a detox that is too strict can sometimes leave you feeling weak, and cranky, and may cause you to experience a headache and discomfort. So, if you do not feel well during your detox, then it’s best to modify your plan to better meet your body’s needs. Ultimately, going on a detox should feel like a stepping stone towards a healthier future, and not a form of torture or punishment to your body. 

Do what’s right for your body. Try out Cheryl W’s range of detox drinks and products to help you feel and look your best. 

Reach out to us to find out more or visit our wellness centre for other detox services such as detox massage. 

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